Anusha Rasalingam

Anusha Rasalingam is a lawyer by day, a proud Buffalonian at all times, and became a tennis fan while sitting too close to the TV as her father watched Boris Becker win his first Wimbledon title. Deciding that tape delayed tennis was far more interesting than cartoons, she promptly fixed her affections on the eyelash plucking, opponent targeting stylings of Ivan Lendl. Spending her grammar school years watching Lendl’s unsuccessful attempts to win Wimbledon left her with a love of racquet changes on the ball change, sawdustlegionnaires’ hats, and an aversion to puns involving Czechs and Pat Cash.

Fast forward to a new millennium, and she loves the tenderness of ATP handshakes not involving young Australians or Nico Almagro, the changing currents and undercurrents of the WTA tour, and any match where Mary Carillo is in the commentary booth.

When not watching or thinking about tennis, she enjoys travel to obscure islands, opining on the music industry, and trying out all of the Chinese food in New York City, all of which are documented too infrequently on You can also find her tweeting tennis and complaining about bad customer service @anushasez on Twitter.

Anusha’s favorite tennis video:

(The full version has Gael in his Coca-Cola swigging glory.)