Juan José Vallejo

Juan José is (or tries to be) a writer of many things: screenplays, short stories Profile_Picand novels. He’s originally from the tiny South American country named after the Equator, where he gave Economics a try for a year (and hated it), before moving on to film and a degree in Cinematography and Camera Operation from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He tweets too much for his own good and loves many sports: he doesn’t miss a Manchester United game, and is one of about 20 people who love the NBA more than it deserves. Juan José has watched tennis obsessively since 2005, and if he likes a player today, it does not mean he’ll like that player tomorrow. He will try to make fun of everything, himself included.

He can be reached at juanjose@changeovertennis.com, or on Twitter.

Juan José’s favorite tennis video:

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