Personal Reflections

Personal Reflection: You always go back to Buenos Aires

Personal Reflection: You always go back to Buenos Aires

The other day I read this wonderful post on Fue Buena, about how much fun Stan Wawrinka is having on his trip back to Buenos Aires. Wawrinka is there for the Copa Claro, an  ATP 250 which has already gotten underway at the “Cathedral” of Argentinean tennis, the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. It didn’t […]

Personal Reflections: Thinking of Sandy Hook

I was going to write about tennis today, but I just can’t.

Personal Reflections: Sandy, Sports, and Delusions

Last Saturday I went to bed late into the night in my apartment in Queens, New York with a knot in my stomach. Sure, there was a much-hyped hurricane heading towards the city and the winds were picking up rapidly, but primarily I was nervous about the launch of The Changeover that was supposed to take place the next morning. Amy, Juan José, and I had been working non-stop the past couple of weeks to get the site ready, and I was extremely anxious to finally share our project with others.