7 Times in 2016 that Roger Federer Was So Stylish that People Tried to Steal the Clothing He Was Wearing

GQ named Roger Federer their Most Stylish Man of the Year for 2016, and man, they weren’t kidding. Federer can’t even play a tennis match without his colleagues attempting to purloin his highly coveted clothing:

Milos Raonic wasn’t screwing around when he went in for Federer’s shirt here after the Wimbledon semifinal.

Marin Cilic wanted it badly when he made this attempt to steal Federer’s shirt here after the Wimbledon quarterfinal.

Steve Johnson went for a more covert approach, reaching from behind to grab Federer’s coveted white polo shirt after their fourth round match at Wimbledon.

Who says Marcus Willis is low-ranked on the ATP Tour? You certainly wouldn’t know it from this top tier attempt to steal Federer’s shirt from the gritty Brit.

ATP NextGen making their mark: Alexander Zverev nearly snagged this groundbreaking blue Nike polo in Halle.

Known for his top-tier skills of deception, Novak Djokovic tries the head fake to snag this Federer outfit inspired by a baby onesie:

Federer learned the hard way not to trust the sneaky Dora the Explorer.

Here’s hoping that all these shameless tennis figures stop this outrageous attempted theft in 2017.

Amy can be spotted on a tennis court in the Philadelphia area, shanking backhand volleys.