Break Points: Who Wore It Better?

Certainly, it can’t be said that tennis and fashion are strangers to each other. Whether it’s Roger Federer’s recent appearance in GQ (and winning their “most fashionable” man poll), or Serena Williams on HSN, there’s a lot of common ground between tennis and fashion these days. Indeed, Anna Wintour may deserve some part of Federer’s acclaim for her work in helping to guide his style, and Maria Sharapova is a regular at Fashion Week. But, all of this stylishness inevitably leads to face-offs with other fashionistas. So, with a nod to US Weekly and Joan Rivers’ “Bitch Stole My Look” segments, let’s see who wore it better:

Breton Stripes

There are a lot of things we now associate with Roger Federer: agelessness, dad jokes, trophies, and, if you see him off court, stripes. The man enjoys a stripe — whether Nike or McQueen:

Fed isn’t the only person with lustrous chestnut locks who enjoys a stripe: let’s see his competition, the Dutchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton:


Over the last few years, Japanese retailer Uniqlo has made significant inroads in North America, tempting shoppers with its walls of thermal tights, down jackets and cashmere sweaters. Its utilitarian style has also been a good fit with Novak Djokovic, tennis’ ultimate no-frills player. Like Uniqlo, Djokovic’s game favors substance over style — where his relentless consistency is what breaks down his opponents;

Like Novak, Kei Nishikori also embodies the workhorse qualities of Uniqlo — it may not be the feather boa in your closet, but it’s what you wear all the time. Kei, also, relies on his consistency to notch his wins, and his Uniqlo gear also doesn’t distract from his game. But does it add?

Here’s the thing about Uniqlo — their stuff is good, but maybe it really looks best in the store. Part of the hypnotizing quality of Uniqlo stores is the fact that there are rows and rows of that cashmere sweater or that pair of leggings. The perfectly arranged rows of clothing have their own visual appeal that no one garment can really replicate, no? Take a look and see:

Queens With Jabots

Mirka Federer may very well be the one person in tennis you really don’t want to mess with.  When she’s not busy raising four children or being the anchor for Roger Federer’s world, she also manages to rock some interesting looks in the stands.  One of my favorites in recent memory was this one:

There’s something so iconic about the look — so authoritative and confident.  Oh, right, because this look belongs to the Notorious R.B.G.:

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