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  1. Eric
    Eric May 6, 2013 at 12:14 am |

    Sloane has an agent. It’s the agent’s job to sit in on these interviews and cut the player off.

  2. Master Ace
    Master Ace May 6, 2013 at 9:35 am |

    Public knows about Evert’s failed marriages to Lloyd, Mill and Norman which is enough for a person to deal with. On the abortion that was implied, wonder if Evert told her kids that they almost had a brother or sister in the past. Hopefully, that is one answer we will not find out about. When ESPN2 comes on at the French, I wonder if anyone on their broadcast team (including Evert) will mention Connors’ book and will they ask Evert questions about it.

    Stephens just got in the running for loser of the year in the active players division. Then again, remember in Brisbane, she told her coach that S Williams Come Ons were being disrespectful during a changeover and Stephens was getting on court coaching, which I dislike on a continuous basis(look at Wozniacki records at tour events vs Slams and you will somewhat get my point). S Williams has been saying Come Ons for years and her competitors know all about this. Then, the situation got esclated when she defeated a hobbled S Williams at AO followed by a massive struggle where she has not won two matches in a row since AO. During her SF loss to Azarenka, she became more of the media darling after that MTO by Azarenka which disguised the fact that the only reasons she won against S Williams and had a remote chance to force a decider against Azarenka was that both players made a ton of UFEs. I wonder what Stephens practice sessions been like since AO as she continues to make excuses for her poor play capped off by the interview with ESPN the magazine which will be out shortly.

    Juan Jose,
    Good pick on Cilic being loser of the week as he should have made a decent run in Munich and still be playing in Madrid. Also, great pick on the winner as he won 7 Futures in a row if I read correctly and has been doing decent during the European clay season.

    Good pick on Li being loser of the week as I picked her to make the finals at Madrid. Therefore, Li keeps her title on being the streakiest player on the tour(and that includes Cirstea). When Li is hot, she wins and when Li is cold, first(or second thanks to that word bye) round exit to the next tournament here she comes.

    Madrid Predicted Winners : Djokovic and Sharapova

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