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  1. Val Clarke
    Val Clarke September 22, 2017 at 9:31 pm |

    Make it the Laver / King Cup(s) Weekend and it could serve the Sport in an even greater and more meaninful way. Larger Mixed Teams means a greater dynamic in terms of interaction and possibly even performance – or at least that would be a key thing to note / monitor. Encouragement and Balance directly from Playing Peers is something we lost into the deep 90s, regained somewhat with the “Spanish Armada” but fell off again through the last Decade until the core of 6 young Aussies dropped in 4-5 yrs ago, but their fortunes have wavered since. The disconnect between the Sexes in the Sport too has also never seemed wider and more firm than it does now, even despite Social Media and greater event crossover and Gym / Court Training. An Event that huddles them together Competitively and Socially can go some way toward rebuilding a real Community within the Ranks and some Support and honest Respect being built and maintained.

    Fans too can see and appreciate the rare occasion to blend the camps and their player allegiances…or even have to open them up if their favorite Male and Female players are on Opposite Sides. It’s an opportunity as well for that Equal Reward in terms of Prize Money to be realized and for other Valuations that have been in question to be put to the test or raised to an equal level – but at any rate for it all to be directly in the face and under the noses of the Games Top Tier Practitioners, where it can be openly discussed.

    I say Mauresmo / Cahill / Becker / Clijsters for Euro Coaches under this format with McEnroe / Navratilova / Shriver and Gilbert for The World 🙂

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