Five Reasons Why Kelsey Anderson Is Our Favorite ATP Player Spouse

A few years ago, I remember stumbling upon Kelsey’s Twitter account. I thought it was really cool that she was sharing a ton of candid stuff about what life was like being married to an ATP player and traveling with the tour. As time goes by, Kelsey has basically become everyone’s favorite player spouse. (Step aside, Mirka!)

I really like that she interacts so much with the tennis fan community. She follows a lot of bloggers and tennis fans, and she’s just so incredibly down-to-earth in the way she talks to people on that platform. She will also without fail thank fans for their support for Kevin.

Here are just five reasons why Kelsey is the best:

1. She and Kevin are seriously cute together.

I can’t embed the video on here, but you must go watch this really sweet ATP piece on Kelsey and Kevin at home.

2. She supports equal prize money. Jon Wertheim recorded a podcast with Kelsey at Wimbledon just a few days ago. You should definitely go listen to the whole thing, but I wanted to highlight her great comments on equal prize money:

A lot of guys will complain about this, saying “the women don’t play as long” and “our tour is more valuable because it’s more popular at the moment.” But historically, it hasn’t always been that way. So it just kind of depends. Personally, I think equal prize money is great because I, as a woman, think if you want to compete in a professional sport and be successful, tennis is it. If they want to keep it that way, and keep women’s tennis as the premier professional sport where people can make a livelihood as a female athlete. It’s just got to stay that way. I understand how people feel differently, and I understand why. But I don’t think the men are losing anything by allow the women to accept equal prize money.”

3. Always enthusiastically rooting for Kevin.

4. She’s got a fun sense of humor, even when it stems from the pain of Kevin losing 57668p997898 consecutive matches (approximate) against Tomas Berdych.

5. She does basically the same things that hardcore tennis fans do on Twitter. She’s definitely one of us!

Other fun things:

Amy can be spotted on a tennis court in the Philadelphia area, shanking backhand volleys.