Five Other Ways Federer and Wawrinka Could Decide Who Gets the BNP Paribas Open Trophy

There was a time where a Roger Federer-Stan Wawrinka match was a guaranteed win for the elder Swiss champion. These days, while Federer continues to have a significant lead in their head to head, the matches between them have become far more competitive — the last being their five set thriller in Australia, which would be more discussed if it weren’t for that even more thrilling win Federer notched in the final. But, tennis isn’t the only way that these guys can compete with each other. Here are some other ways Roger and Stan could decide who gets the trophy in Indian Wells tomorrow:

1. Wrestling.

An oldie but goodie. A feel good resolution to the matter. Everyone is a winner, kind of.

2. Tickle fight!

I’m not sure who would win this one, but it would be a lot of laughs.


3. Funny Faces








I suspect Federer will have an advantage here, but Stan can always bring out the finger pointing if need be.

4. Dodge Ball!







Stan, just remember not to be distracted by your phone!

5. Arm-wrestling

Um…maybe not the arm-wrestling, guys.