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  1. achronai
    achronai October 12, 2013 at 8:19 pm |

    For a guy with his abilites who fights for every point it was obvious that Nadal was in trouble after losing the 1st set by 2 breaks and not just 1. On the other hand the only way Nadal was going to lose this day to Del Potro was in 2 sets and not 3. Does Nadal ever lose the 3rd set? Only Djokovic can beat him in the 3rd. 3 setters/5 setters I don’t know about 7. He’d be more likely to lose the 3rd set in a best of 6 than in 7:-)

  2. achronai
    achronai October 12, 2013 at 9:32 pm |

    I think its interesting that you mention the key points in this match because I always felt that that was the most important element in analyzing a Del Potro match. He provides plenty of breaking opportunities and against lesser players who he’s not particularly wary of he often provides even more than he’s wont to. Against the top players he’s more focused ofcourse but there’s usually bp’s aplenty there as well for the opponent to take advantage of. Thing is he’s used to these pressure situations serving at deuce and saving the bp’s. Thats how much confidence the guy has in his serve. A huge weapon along with his devastating forehand-the most potent forehand on hard court?. I mean it can be argued that his game lacks variety but his 1-2 punch is just so overwhelming that he’s able to compensate and get away with his weaknesses even against the top players-crazy. No matter how you look at it in terms of tennis school,style he’s the opposite of David Ferrer. What one has and tries to do the other doesn’t. Statistic-wise as well-while Ferrer is usually consistent from one tournament/season to the next the other comes as a once in a while cataclysmic event-like beating Federer in the Us Open. A turning point in history. There is that fear that his next orbit will hit target again-often very close and grazing the surface-(whole wheat fields have been incinerated in less than a moment but nothing Global). In the next series of Del Potro orbits one of them will probably hit target again. Delpo beating Nadal today and Novak tomorrow doesn’t count. Those of us who are worried and into these apocalyptic cycles wish to get it over with while others are in denial. Personally the way I’ve decided to experiment it is in bed. Which I think is very clever. Waking up as the dust settles-hehe. Anyways the Asian swing is not her/now in the space/time continuum where I’m at. Very convenient.

  3. achronai
    achronai October 12, 2013 at 9:36 pm |

    Nadal has been through a lot lately and can’t bring his full intensity to every tournament. Seems he doesn’t realize this-at least in the heat of the moment but imo he does know. Referring to his tweet he used the word ‘bad’-‘not bad’. What does that mean? really? for Nadal-didn’t know he had ‘ not bad’ in his vocabulary in describing himself. He would have been more humble had he tweeted saying that he didn’t play well,good,very well,great,etc. but then he wouldn’t have been honest and realistic.
    He was broken at the beginning of the 2nd set-which prove enough to be fatal against Delpo who’s used to these pressure situations having to hold 4-5 straight games. Everyone has their dips in momentum even for a guy like Nadal who fights for every point-because he can. His dip often comes at the beginning of the ‘next set’ after fighting for the previous one. Ofcourse this is classic textbook but agaisnt Nadal usually you have that dip too!! But certain top players anticipate that moment like a hawk and prepare themselves. Like Novak in most of his breaks vs Nadal of 2013.

  4. achronai
    achronai October 12, 2013 at 10:09 pm |

    Nadal stepped it up after being a break down in the second-a bit too late against DelPo who’s an Isner-like nightmare when it comes to being broken contrary to appearances with all thoe dueces and bp’s. It was only a matter of time before Nadal would break through the DelPo wall but time ran out since you only have to win 6 games by a 2 game margin. Nadal wasn’t in sink with the good graces of destiny today, he actually didn’t deserve it since he somewhat underestimated his opponent and these days he’s not ready mentally to bring his full intensity to the court. We saw a glimpse of it in the 2nd set and Delpo was certainly feeling the pressure. Nadal was flustered in the important points. His trademark focus in such moments bringing out his very best mental and physical tennis was-well,somewhere else-maybe basking in Mallorca. They don’t always have to follow the same schedule in spite of the paper work you know.

  5. Fernando
    Fernando October 13, 2013 at 1:49 pm |

    With great respect for Juan Jose and his insight Big Data analysis, Fernando’s staff has also meticulously culled through the match and we reach this conclusion on why Slender Gaucho defeated The Humble Bull….. The match was played on a court that plays so fast that all vestiges of tactic, strategy and defense are rendered meaningless. The game that was played is not tennis. And the so called “indoor season” is even worse. In your heart, Juan Jose, you know Fernando speaks the truth, no.?

    I am Fernando @vivafernando

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  7. Luckystar
    Luckystar October 16, 2013 at 1:25 am |

    I agree that Rafa couldn’t bring his intensity into the match and he also underestimated his opponent, especially when both were at the net. He also started the match at a more defensive position. Just compare his position behind the baseline and that of Novak’s in the final! Also he had the wrong game plan vs Delpo, trying to rally with an on fire Delpo from the baseline is doomed to fail; when Delpo’s forehand is on, no one, yes no one, could stay with him. Novak came out with the right game plan, moving forward and attacking at the net, not giving Deplo much space to hit his shots, rushing Delpo throughout the whole set.

    I would say Rafa tried to change his game plan way too late, in the second set, when Delpo wasn’t going to let him came back. Try again next time Rafa, with a better game plan, with better intensity, a better serve and better court position, and please don’t confront Delpo’s forehand head on. I also like the way Murray dealt with Delpo in the past, during 2009 when Delpo was also at the top of his game, by using his varieties and out maneuvering Delpo.

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