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  1. MarieJ
    MarieJ April 29, 2013 at 4:58 pm |

    really nice analysis… even if i get lost with some numbers !
    i think almagro likes the challenge of playing nadal, he can push him hard., he has one of the most powerfull games for a claycourter but at some point he sees the 7 time RG champion and stops believing in winning…

    Nico said the weather conditions very humid affect him more than rafa : the ball wasn’t very fast and became very heavy with the rain… then rafa played some smart shots : the volley and that tweener, and you have something to make second guess a guy like almagro : how i can play a shot he oesn’t get ?
    Rafa allways said he knew the key to win was to move Almagro, his movement is not among the best for a claycourter…

    all in all 8 monte carlo/Bercelona is “du jamais vu” !

    i’m not sure we will see in the future anything close to what Rafa is on clay…
    this year i’m going to go to RG qualie to check out that young Carreno-Busta 7 futures wins out of 8 finals ! rafa like numbers no ?

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  3. v.arunachalam
    v.arunachalam May 1, 2013 at 12:02 pm |

    juan jose is not only a keen statistician but also an impressive sports writer. enjoyed his comments esp related to the weak points of almagro that let down against top 5 & the strengths of tennis legendary rafael nadal.welcome such reviews of madrid too.

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