Liveblogging Manic Monday at Wimbledon

From the makers of the Day 9 Rolly G liveblog, here’s a Manic Monday extravaganza that might end up being as nuts as the tennis. Since today is so chaotic, I put up a full Manic Monday preview post, which you can find by clicking here.

My timestamps will use fancy Wimbledon time instead of unglamorous HouTex time. Remember to refresh the page often!

As in previous LiveAnalysis posts, I’ll be using a bit of “tennis shorthand” today. Here’s your glossary:

BH: Backhand
BP: Break Point
CC: Cross-court
DF: Double-fault
DTL: Down the line (means the same as “up the line”)
FH: Forehand
GP: Game Point
I-I: Inside-In
I-O: Inside-Out
SP: Set Point
SW: Service Winner
UFE: Unforced Error

Let the madness begin!!!

11:30 AM – I’m awake! I really am! Sigh…it’s dark out over here. A little depressing. And for some reason, the Court 12 stream isn’t coming on yet.

11:35  AM – It’s on! Jerzy Janowicz and Jürgen Melzer have taken the court, and the coin toss just happened. Funny photo op with Mohammed El Jennati:


11:42 AM – Uh-oh…


11:45 AM – Melzer serves an ace out wide to get us started. Meanwhile, out on Court 18, Pennetta and Flipkens have started off their match with two service holds already.

In partially related news…


11:48 AM – Janowicz has a BP to start, but it goes begging. However, Flavia Pennetta has broken serve, and she’s up 2-1 on The Flipper.

More #JankoSighs:

Also, Janowicz’ Kinesio tape work on his right arm is reaching performance art levels:


11:52 AM – Just like in the Almagro match, Janowicz plays a sloppy first service game and gets broken. Kudos to Melzer for putting in a fantastic return on BP.

12:00 PM – Here’s your full score round-up so far:

1. Ferrer and Dodig are on serve after 3 games.

2. Kvitova and Suárez Navarro are on serve after 5 games.

3. Mannarino and Kubot are on serve after 3 games.

4. Flipkens and Pennetta are back on serve after 4 games.

Melzer wrong-foots Janowicz expertly to hold for a 4-1 lead, and the very tall Pole slips. He remains in this position for quite a while:


Melzer is doing a very, very smart thing: he’s putting a lot of pressure on Janowicz by coming to net as often as he can. It’s smart, because it forces Janowicz to hit passing shots (not a strength yet), and it allows Jürgen to avoid getting bossed around the baseline by Janowicz’ superior firepower.

Ah, experience.

12:10 PM – Melzer is up 40-0, 5-3, and seals the first set with a service winner. That went by very, very quickly. The veteran is fully focused on giving the young guy a lesson. Also, the young guy can’t find ways to return serve effectively at all.

In unrelated news:

Also, Flavia Pennetta has just broken to go up 4-3 in the first against Flipkens.

RE: Mannarino:

12:19 PM – Janowicz faces 3 BPs at 1-all in the 2nd, and saves both. Petra Kvitova is trying to serve out the 1st set at 6-5, and Pennetta will soon attempt the same feat at 5-4. Ditto for Mannarino against Kubot.  Ferrer and Dodig are still on serve.

Janowicz saves all three BPs with pretty sensational stuff. However, a FH flies on him, and it’s BP for Melzer again. It’s saved via a BH putaway off a short return.

12:25 PM – Pennetta and Kvitova have both failed to serve out the first set of their matches, but Adrian Mannarino did not. Meanwhile, Janowicz is still trying to fend off Melzer in that 1-all game. The Pole saves yet another BP with a monster serve.

Jerzy finally holds. In partially related news…

12:30 PM – Here is your all-court scoring update at this time:

1. Pennetta has broken serve again, but fell behind 15-40 at 6-5. She saves both BPs…but gets broken moments later. Oh, Flavia.

2. Petra Kvitova has taken the first set from Suárez Navarro 7-5 in a tiebreaker.

3. David Ferrer and Ivan Dodig are still on serve. 4-5, Ferrer serving.

4. Melzer and Janowicz are still on serve in the second set – Melzer took the first.

5. Mannarino and Kubot are on serve in the second set – Mannarino took the first.

A reminder that if you need a guide for today’s matches, you can find a full preview by clicking here.

12:35 PM – The first part of this tweet, I can believe. The second? Mind. Blown.

12:40 PM – Kirsten Flipkens has stolen the first set against Pennetta. The Belgian had to break serve twice just to stay in the set. Great effort from her… and I’d pay good money to hear Pennetta’s thoughts right now.

Janowicz is still clueless about returning Melzer’s lefty serve. He hasn’t created a single BP since the opening service game of the match. Still, they’re on serve in the second set out on Court 12.

David Ferrer and Ivan Dodig are in a 1st set tiebreaker, and Kubot is up 4-1 in the second set.

12:48 PM – This was a thoroughly entertaining read:

In unrelated news, Ivan Dodig has taken the first set against Ferrer. As I wrote in the preview for Manic Monday, that match is definitely going 5.

Out on Court 14, Lukasz Kubot has levelled his match against Mannarino at 1 set all.

On Court 3, Petra Kvitova is now up a set and a break on Carla Suárez Navarro, 4-2 in the second. Petra being Petra, she goes down 0-30 in her next service game.

1:00 PM – As Centre Court and Court 1 are set to begin play, here’s where things stand elsewhere at the All England Club:

1. Ferrer and Dodig are on serve in the 2nd set, and Dodig just had a BP on Ferrer’s serve. Ferrer held, however.

2. Petra Kvitova is trying to consolidate her break at 4-2 in the second. After a long struggle, she does.

3. Jerzy Janowicz has started a must-win second set breaker against Jürgen Melzer in great form: he’s up 4-0.

4. Kirsten Flipkens has just broken serve and is up 3-2 against Pennetta.

5. Mannarino and Kubot are on serve in the third set.

1:05 PM – Jerzy Janowicz has levelled his match against Melzer at 1 set all. Great poise in the tiebreaker by the 22 year-old, but a dreadful performance by the Austrian veteran. Prompted this after an abomination of a volley:

We also have our first final result of the day! Game, set and match to Petra Kvitova: 7-6 (5), 6-3. 

The 2011 Wimbledon champion keeps advancing through her draw, which parted like the Red Sea for her.

Yep, Laura Robson is coming on court.

1:10 PM – About Kaia Kanepi…

Another final result! Game, set and match to Kirsten Flipkens, 7-6 (2), 6-3.

Spare a thought for poor Flavia Pennetta, who served for the first set not once…but twice. Not surprisingly, she couldn’t recover from the disappointment of seeing that set go. However, huge kudos to Flipkens, who keeps rolling in 2013. A career-best effort at age 27.

Kaia Kanepi and Laura Robson have started their match on Court 1, and Kanepi has held to start. Serena Williams and Sabine Lisicki are also under way on Centre Court.

1:20 PM – Out on Court 3, Vinci and Li Na have started their match, and Li Na has broken to kick things off. We’re on serve on Centre Court and Court 1.

Out on Court 18, Sloane Stephens and Mónica “PicaPower” Puig have taken the court. That match should be a lot of fun.

Josh with a Court 14 update:

1:30 PM – Here is your scoring update across the All England Club:

1. Serena and Lisicki are still on serve in the first set at 2-1.

2. Same for Robson and Kanepi, but at 3-2.

3. Ferrer and Dodig seem headed for another tiebreaker: it’s 6-5 Ferrer with Dodig serving.

4. Li Na is flying through her match: she’s up 2 breaks on Vinci, 3-0 in the 2nd set.

5. Jerzy Janowicz just saved 2 BPs and held for 3-all in the third set. Melzer had a short FH on the 2nd BP…and netted it. Janowicz still hasn’t gotten a clue as to how return Melzer’s serve (he’s won only 24% of return point so far – a dreadful performance).

6. Sloane Stephens has started her first service game of the match.

7. Adrian Mannarino has taken a 2 sets to 1 lead over Kubot.

1:37 PM – For the first time since the opening service game of the match, Jerzy Janowicz has a BP on Melzer’s serve. It is wasted when Janowicz sends a FH way wide. It was a comfortable one, too. It goes without saying that it could be costly. However, moments later, Melzer biffs a BH badly, gives Janowicz another BP, and another UFE hands the young Pole a break lead in the third set.

Melzer is not playing the part of the savvy veteran all that well anymore.

Meanwhile, on Centre Court….

1:44 PM – Jerzy Janowicz has taken a 2 sets to 1 lead over Melzer. Elsewhere, Li Na served for a first set bagel over Vinci, but predictably got broken. She’s trying again at 5-2. As I type this, Mónica Puig goes up a break on Sloane Stephens as the young American horribly botches a volley on BP.

On Court 2, David Ferrer has levelled the match against Dodig. He took the 2nd set breaker 8-6, and has just broken to start the third set.

Laura Robson will try to force a first set tiebreaker on Court 1. Somehow, Serena and Lisicki have only played 5 games so far. Still on serve, though.

Also, I completely agree with this tweet:

The plot thickens on Centre Court…

2:00 PM – Here is where things stand after 2.5 hours of play:

1. Sabine Lisicki has just broken Serena Williams again, and took the first set 6-2. 


2. Laura Robson was up 5-2 in the 1st set tiebreaker, but suddenly found herself down 6-5. Kanepi couldn’t convert the first set point on her serve, but will have another on Robson’s serve at 7-6. Which she converts.

Kanepi with a lead is a serious threat…to herself.

3. David Ferrer is now rolling: he’s up 4-1 with a double-break in the third set against Dodig.

4. Li Na took the first set 6-2 against Vinci, broke to start the second, but has been trying to consolidate the break for about half an hour now. I’m not joking, really. She finally holds.

5. Janowicz and Melzer are still on serve in the fourth set, with Janowicz serving at 1-2.

6. Mónica Puig went up a double break on Stephens and served for the first set at 5-2, but got broken. She’s attempting to take the set again at 5-4.

7. Lukasz Kubot has taken the 4th set from Mannarino, and they’re going into a fifth set. 

Because, of course.

2:05 PM – Jerzy Janowicz hit two incredible BH returns in a row, and breaks Jürgen Melzer in the fourth. Janowicz now up 3-2.

Meanwhile, Mónica Puig and Sloane Stephens are locked in a deathmatch of a game at 5-4. There have been set points, break points, and all sorts of drama. Both young women are fighting like mad.

2:14 PM – Some meaningful occurrances in the past few minutes:

– Janowicz gave away his break lead via a terrible game that culminated with a DF on BP.

– Mónica Puig and Sloane Stephens finally ended their intense game, and Puig came out on top. She’s now up a set.

– Game, Set and Match to Li Na: 6-2, 6-0. I had her winning…but not this convingcingly. Kudos to her.

– Serena Williams is now up 2 breaks on Sabine Lisicki, 4-1. The German held to start the set…and hasn’t won a game since.

– David Ferrer took the third set via a breadstick, and already had a BP to start the fourth.

– Lukasz Kubot is up a break in the 5th, 1-0.

This is just fantastic:

2:30 PM – Your token score update:

– Serena Williams has righted the ship in a big way: she took the second set 6-1. Six straight games for the defending champ.

– Robson and Kanepi are still on serve in the second, 4-3.

– David Ferrer is up a break on Dodig in the fourth set, 3-1 and 40-0.

– Fernando Verdasco and Kenny De Schepper are set to start on Court 3.

– Jerzy Janowicz played an atrocious service game at 4-5, and is now heading into a fifth set against Melzer. The Pole had a break lead in the fourth, and multiple BPs at 4-all.

– Mónica Puig and Sloane Stephens are still fighting, on serve in the second, 2-all.

– Kubot took forever to consolidate his break lead, and is up 2-0 in the fifth against Mannarino.

2:36 PM – Game, Set and Match to David Ferrer: 6-7 (3), 7-6 (6), 6-1, 6-1. Nice to see Ferrer get on a roll to finish the match there.

On Court 12, Janowicz played scintillating tennis to get to 15-40 on Melzer’s serve…and then the Austrian DFed on the 1st BP. Janowicz now up 2-1 in the decider.

Fernando Verdasco has not cooled off, apparently: he starts his match with a break over De Schepper.

2:43 PM – Kaia Kanepi has match point over Laura Robson! And it vanishes as soon as I type that. She’s up 6-5 in the second set. But she’ll have another – which goes begging as well. Here’s #3 coming…AND SHE CONVERTS!!! Kanepi erases her Court 1 demons in a big way, taking out Britain’s hope in straight sets. Game, Set and Match to Kaia Kanepi: 7-6 (6), 7-5. 

This is a good time to remember that Robson had a 5-2 lead in the first set breaker. Alas.

In unrelated news, Sabine Lisicki has won a game! Sadly for her, she’s still down 1-3 in the third against Serena.

2:51 PM – Not anymore! Lisicki breaks to get the 3rd set back on serve on Centre Court. Serena goes from winning 9 straight games to dropping 2 in a row. #Streaky

Meanwhile, Janowicz has held for a 5-3 lead, and Puig-Stephens is still a heck of a lot of fun. 5-all in the 2nd set.

3:00 PM – As 3.5 hours of play have gone by, here is a snapshot of the action:

– Serena breaks serve again…but falls behind 0-30 right away. She eventually gets broken, but is up 0-40 on Lisicki’s serve in the next game.

– Del Potro and Seppi are on court to start their match on Court 1.

– Radwanska and Pironkova have started their match.

– Verdasco has kept his break lead throughout the first set. Will try to serve it out at 5-4.

– Jerzy Janowicz will try to serve out the match at 5-4 in the fifth set. He’s up 40-0, and fires an absolute BOMB of a service winner up the T to seal it. Game, Set and Match to Jerzy Janowicz: 3-6, 7-6 (1), 6-4, 4-6, 6-4. Here’s his reaction:


– Puig and Stephens are locked in at 5-all.

– Kubot has a MP on Court 14. It was on Mannarino’s serve, who saves it and holds. Kubot to serve for a spot in the quarterfinals at 5-4.

3:05 PM – Lisicki has just dug herself out of a  0-40 hole. Extremely impressive. It’s 4-all in the third set on Centre Court.

In unrelated news, it’s Game, Set and Match to Lukasz Kubot: 4-6, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. And you know what that means?

3:12 PM – Things are getting crazy on Centre Court:

It’s 30-all after a correct Serena overhead. Crunch time! Huge service winner out wide for Lisicki, and it’s MATCH POINT. Wow. Serena gets a great return in play, and forces Lisicki’s error. Deuce #1. 2nd serve….and then a DF. Break point for Serena. But then a HUGE Ace up the T to make it Deuce #2. That was immense. Another great serve out wide from the deuce court, and it’s MATCH POINT AGAIN. AND SHE DOES IT!!! They played a huge, intense rally, and it ends with Lisicki putting away a short FH.

Game, Set and Match to Sabine Lisicki: 6-2, 1-6, 6-4.

3:30 PM – After 4 hours of play at the All England Club, here is where we stand:

– Andy Murray and Mikhail Youzhny are out on Centre Court, ready to start their match.

– Seppi and Del Potro are on serve, 2-all in the 1st set.

– Tsvetana Pironkova is up 5-3 on Radwanska, and has a set point on Aga’s serve.

– Verdasco is up a set and a break on De Schepper, 4-3 in the 2nd.

– Bartoli is up a break on Knapp, 3-1 in the first, and has a chance for a double-break.

– Game, Set and Match to Sloane Stephens: 4-6, 7-5, 6-1. 

After two tough sets, Sloane powers through the third set. All the kudos to her: she’s in her first Wimbledon quarterfinal.

3:45 PM – Radwanska lost the first set, but she just broke Pironkova  to go up 2-0 in the second.


4:00 PM – We’ve been at it for a while, haven’t we? Here’s your 4.5 hour score update:

– Andy Murray is up a break on Youzhny 3-2 in the first set.

– Del Po is up a set on Seppi…even though many have said he’s not moving well at all. They just started the second set.

– Radwanska is trying to level the match against Pironkova at 1 set all. Currently up 4-1 in the second.

– Verdasco took the second set from De Schepper, but the anonymous Frenchman is up a break in the third, 3-1.

– Marion Bartoli is rolling: she’s up 6-2, 2-1 with serve over Knapp.

At age 27, no less. Hugely impressive from The Flipper (love that nickname, as you can tell).

4:14 PM – Aga Radwanska has levelled her match against Pironkova at one set all. Maintained her early lead, and calmly clinched it. The decider should be at least as much fun as the second set was.

Meanwhile, Andy Murray is trying to serve out the first set at 5-4 over Youzhny.

Also, there’s a bit of controversy around some pretty tasteless comments from Annabel Croft:

I’m not sure what’s worse: Croft’s comments, or her “apology.” Sigh. Apparently Serena was asked about the whole thing during her press conference.

Back on Court 2, apparently Pironkova has called for the trainer, who is taking a bit to come over. Now she’s here, and the issue seems to be Pironkova’s right foot:


On Court 3, Verdasco got the break back in the third, and is serving for the match at 5-4. Impressive. And he does it! Game, Set, and Match to Fernando Verdasco: 6-4, 6-4, 6-4.

And another match is over! Game, Set and Match to Marion Bartoli: 6-2, 6-3. Impressive from the former Wimby runner-up.

4:30 PM – Play has been going on for 5 hours now at Wimbledon. 10 out of the 16 round of 16 matches are already over – including all three scheduled on Court 3. Here’s your scoring update:

– Andy Murray and Mikhail Youzhny have started their second set. Youzhny just held for 1-0.

– Seppi and Del Potro are on serve in the second set.

– Pironkova found herself down 0-40 in the opening game of the deciding set, but manages to hold with some fantastic tennis. Extremely clutch by the Wimbledon specialist.

Interesting to see that Verdasco has switched to a racquet that was more or less custom made to fit a certain lefty Spaniard’s game. Also, Fernando is doing the right thing: looking for answers despite a lack of a racquet deal with Babolat.

4:44 PM – In a rare moment of synchronicity involving two very crafty players, both Radwanska and Murray go up a break in their respective sets. Radwanska’s was a gorgeous lob after a counter-drop by Pironkova.

However, while minutes later Radwanska consolidates the break, Murray gets broken back. 2-2 on Centre Court, 3-2 with a break on Court 2.

Very cute, Flipper…but Booyah?

5:00 PM – Yep, 5 and a half hours of tennis have gone by. Here’s your scoring update from the grounds:

– Mikhail Youzhny is now up a break on Andy Murray on Centre. 4-2 in the 2nd, though down 15-30.   Still, wildly surprising. The Dr. ends up holding, so he’s a game away from tying this up at one set all.

– On Court 1, Del Po is up 2 sets to love on Seppi. I think at this point, Juan Martín could beat the Italian on a wheelchair.

– Radwanska is holding on to her break lead in the 3rd against Pironkova. Up 4-3.

The troubled life of pro tennis players, eh?

5:09 PM – Game, Set and Match to Aga Radwanska: 4-6, 6-3, 6-3. 

In other news, Youzhny is trying to serve out the second set…and he just failed. The Muzzard is back on serve, 5-4.

5:27 PM – We’re in a 2nd set tiebreaker for Murray-Youzhny! Here’s some play-by-play:

0-0: Murray sends a BH slice long…is annoyed.

1-0, Youzhny: Youzhny sends a BH DTL long, is also annoyed.

1-1: Huge Ace up the T by the Muzzard.

2-1, Murray: Long rally ends when Youzhny forces Murray’s BH error with a nice FH DTL.

2-2 : Another big FH DTL by Youzhny leads to a tricky smash.

3-2, Youzhny: Awful DF by Murray. Simply awful. MINIBREAK.

4-2, Youzhny: Amends are made by Muzz with two great FHs.

4-3, Youzhny: Humongous Ace out wide by the Dr.

5-3, Youzhny: Murray with an incredible dropper that clips the letcord and dies just a half a foot inside Youzhny’s court. Insane. MINIBREAK.

5-4, Youzhny: Serve and volley by Muzz – great play.

5-5: FH DTL UFE by Youzhny – ill-advised shot selection, to say the least. SP for the Muzzard.

6-5, Murray: And an absolutely GLORIOUS CC BH return winner by Andy Murray off a weak (and badly placed) 2nd serve by Youzhny. He takes the set!

5:39 PM – Here’s your 6th hour score update:

– The trainer is out for Youzhny. Murray leads 2 sets to love.

– Game, Set and Match to Juan Martín Del Potro: 6-4 7-6(2) 6-3

– #BernieGOAT and Tomas Berdych are set to start their Round of 16 match on Court 1.

This freaking stinks:


6:05 PM – Time is flying! Here is where things are after 6.5 hours of play:

– Andy Murray, one of the two remaining guardians of the Big 4 Empire, is close to the finish line: up 2 sets and a break in the third, 4-1. Youzhny seems to have run out of gas, which is understandable.

– Tomas Berdych will have the first BP of the match for either man at 3-all in the 1st set against the #BernieGOAT. Berdych plays a perfect point…until he decides to hit a BH slice approach that looked anything but fluid. Bernie escapes moments later.

6:12 PM – Game, Set and Match to Scotland’s Andy Murray: 6-4, 7-6 (5), 6-1.

And so, only two matches remain to be completed today: Berdych-Tomic, and the main course at Centre Court: Novak Djokovic vs Tommy Haas.

6:24 PM – BernieGOAT-Berdych is just as interesting as I expected. Berdych is in a bit of trouble at 15-30, 5-6. Something in me says we’re headed for the first (of many) tiebreakers here anyway.

Or maybe not: Berdych comes up with a terrible BH UFE. Bernie was just bunting the ball back in that rally. Set point for Bernard. And it will be on a 2nd serve…if the challenge is proved incorrect (which it is). Things looked bleak for Berdych as he approached the net (!!!), and then had a simple volley to hit. Usually that spells doom for Tomas…but he actually hit a great volley that forced Bernie’s error. Deuce. Then an I-O FH winner, and it’s AD-Berdych. SW out wide, and we’re into a tiebreaker. Play-by-play time!

0-0: SW out wide.

1-0, Tomic: Berdych with another gorgeous BH slice approach + volley combo. Incredible.

1-1: BH UFE by Bernie.

2-1, Berdych: A simply fantastic point by Berdych, who outmaneuvers Bernie completely. MINIBREAK.

3-1, Berdych: SW out wide. Very, very makeable return.

3-2, Berdych: 2nd serve. The pair trade slices, and a very deep one by Bernie forces Berdych’s error. MINIBREAK.

3-3: 2nd serve, and then an absolutely BRILLIANT BH DTL rocket by Bernie that Berdych can barely get a racquet on. MINIBREAK.

4-3, Tomic: Berdych responds in kind: a glorious BH CC winner ties us up. MINIBREAK.

4-4: Berdych hits a great I-O FH approach, but then produced a mediocre volley. Bernie gets to it, but bunts the reply wide. MINIBREAK.

5-4, Berdych: 2nd serve return UFE by the BernieGOAT. Very, very cheap. SP for Berdych.

6-4, Berdych: SW out wide, and Berdych has taken the set!

Absolutely clutch form from Berdych in that breaker. Superb. I’m still mystified by so many clutch volleys from the Birdman.

6:38 PM – Out on Centre Court, the World No. 1 is already up a break on Tommy Haas, though he’s facing another BP at the moment. Saves it with a SW up the T. Moments later, Djokovic consolidates the break.

Not much later, Djokovic goes up a double-break. Haas looking far from relaxed out there, and that’s not a good thing for him.

6:47 PM – I’m firmly convinced that Tomic’s success with his serve is almost completely due to the fact that he has the strange habit of hitting the ball on the rise, just a fraction of a second after he tosses it up. There’s no time to read the serve, and it’s highly uncommon on tour. Still, Berdych can’t create much of anything during Bernie’s service games, so all power to the Aussie.

On Centre Court, Tommy Haas finally gets on the board. It’s 4-1 for the 2011 Wimbledon champ.

7:00 PM  Here is your 7.5 hour update:

-Djokovic is up 1 set to love on Haas, and he held to start the second set.

-Berdych and Tomic are on serve in the second set. Tomic will be serving at 3-4.

7:11 PM – Berdych DFs, and BernieGOAT has a BP at 4-all. Huge bomb up the T saves it, though. Moments later, the Birdman holds.

On Centre Court, Haas seemed to be on his way to a comfortable hold…and now it’s Deuce. However, Haas survives a tough rally by changing the pace with his nice BH slice and drawing the UFE from Djokovic. Djokovic then comes to net, and after two volleys forces another Deuce. Novak’s transition game has improved leaps and bounds in the last year. He’s coming in at the right times, and hitting very good volleys. Anyway, Haas comes up with a vintage FH UFE, and it’s BP for Djokovic…after Haas had a 40-0 lead in this game. However, an Ace out wide saves it. Djokovic then runs around the entire baseline (at one point he slid successfully on the grass), but can’t get back in the point. AD-Haas again. Finally, after an epic struggle, Haas puts away a smash…and holds for 2-all in the second set.

7:22 PM – Haas just had a BP after two very loose BH UFEs by Djokovic at 30-15. However, it was saved by an Ace up the T.

On Court 1, we’re in a tiebreaker! Let’s jump in:

2-1, Tomic, Berdych serving: I-O FH UFE by Berdych. MINIBREAK.

3-1, Tomic: Bernie tracks down a good Berdych dropper, sends the reply in for a BH DTL winner. MINIBREAK.

4-1, Tomic: Bad BH DTL UFE by Bernie. MINIBREAK. 

(On Centre Court, Tommy Haas has just broken serve). 

4-2, Tomic: I got distracted, so I missed this – Bernie won the point anyway.

5-2, Tomic: Berdych hits a very, very good I-O FH approach, and it works like a charm.

5-3, Tomic: Now Berdych pays tribute to Andy Roddick, and approaches the net on a horrible FH approach that goes straight at Bernie…who summarily passes him. MINIBREAK, and triple set point for Tomic.

6-3, Tomic: Bernie goes for a BH DTL winner…and misses by about 5 nautical miles. MINIBREAK.

6-4, Tomic: Berdych gets a great return in, draws the short ball, and finishes DTL with his BH. MINIBREAK.

6-5, Tomic: Tomas Berdych just flubbed a very simple short FH from the forecourt. On set point. After coming back in this tiebreaker. That was just atrocious. Anyway, Bernie Tomic has levelled this match at one set all.

7:34 PM – Tommy Haas botches a very easy short FH, and is suddenly down 0-40. But then Djokovic misses two very makeable returns, and then a marathon point ends when the World No. 1 sends a CC BH well long. A very, very bad UFE. Deuce #1. Djokovic makes amends with some big FHs, and forces another BP. In the previous marathon point, he strangely decided to rally primarily to Haas’ BH. And the break comes! It seemed like a mishit, honestly, but Djokovic celebrates it as if the sharp angled CC BH was actually meant to do that. Back on serve on Centre Court.

Meanwhile on Court 1…

But then Berdych does this:

7:46 PM – Novak Djokovic has a look at one SP on Haas’ serve…and he converts with a CC FH pass. The World No.1 is now up 2 sets to 0.

Out on Court 1, Tomic and Berdych are on serve at 3-2 after Bernie consolidates the break.

7:52 PM – Berdych finds himself down 15-40, but saves the first BP with a great I-O FH. Time for a DF, then? 2nd serve….and Berdych gets to Deuce on the strength of a good I-I FH. But then…disaster. A simple FH drive volley is botched wide by Berdych, and it’s BP. But Berdych saves it with an Ace out wide. Then, two absolutely gorgeous FHs give him GP, and a weird FH dropper attempt by Bernie finds the net to end the game.

That was hilarious.

8:00 PM – Bernie buries a BH into the net, and Berdych has a BP at 3-all. SW, and it’s Deuce. Two points later, Berdych hits a glorious running BH DTL pass, and has another BP…which he wastes by dumping a regulation BH CC into the net. A pretty bad UFE. Rinse and repeat, and Bernie has a point to escape this dangerous game. Then Bernie botches a very simple volley. Berdych creates another BP, but it’s again saved by Bernie. However, a very good return gives Berdych BP #79853793597 in this game. And finally, he converts with his trademark I-O FH. 

Anyway, Berdych is up 4-3 in the third set.

Out on Centre Court, Djokovic slipped and seemed to hurt his right wrist, which got slightly stuck during his fall. However, the World No. 1 holds at 15 behind a gorgeous FH dropper. So everthing must be OK.

8:07 PM – Bernie just saved a SP on his own serve, down 3-5. A simply stunning CC BH winner by Berdych sets up another SP. Then, a crazy point ensues, where both  men play incredible defense after absolute missiles are hit their way. Bernie ends up winning the point, and soon after, the game. Berdych will try to serve out the set at 5-4.

On Centre Court, Djokovic wasn’t happy with a challenge that gave Haas a point, and responded by blasting a CC BH winner past the 35 year-old. It’s deuce now at 3-2, and after Haas sends a FH long, it’s BP for Djokovic. This could be it, one feels. Djokovic somehow gets to a gorgeous angled CC BH by Haas, and forces the UFE from the German. Amazing defense…but poor error from Haas. Djokovic up a break, 4-2.

On Court 1, Berdych starts his service game with an I-I FH winner. He follows that up by messing up a smash, and then having to dig deep for a good Tomic pass. He fails. 30-15. A classic DF, and it’s 30-all. A good serve sets up a simple FH DTL putaway, and it’s 40-30. SP again. Then it seems like Berdych overcooked an I-O FH…but he didn’t – Tomas Berdych is up 2 sets to 1. 

On Centre Court, Djokovic consolidates the break, and is one game away from the quarterfinals.

8:17 PM – Novak Djokovic will try to serve out his fourth round match. An I-O FH forces Haas’ error, 15-0. 2nd serve. A bad return UFE by Haas, and it’s 30-0. DF by Djokovic (net), 30-15. A very pretty (and effective) BH DTL by Haas forces Djokovic’s error, and it’s 30-all. Haas goes on the attack after a letcord gives him time to unload, and now the German has a chance to break back and stay alive in this match. 30-40. Djokovic returns the favor with some thundering FHs, and it’s Deuce #1. Djokovic thinks he’s hit an Ace, but Tommy challenges. And Haas is right….by less than a milimeter. Really, it was that close. A CC FH exchange somehow works in Haas’ favor, and he has another BP. Rinse, and repeat: Tommy Haas has broken back. 

I did not see that coming. Haas’ FH has leaked errors all match, and just now, as he’s facing elimination, it comes up with the goods. On the other hand, Djokovic was quite sloppy in that game, apart from unlucky: that “ace” was extremely close, but that DF at 30-15 proved to be costly. As did the FH UFEs, of course.

Out on Court 1, Tomas Berdych is up a break in the 4th set. Will it last? Who knows.

8:28 PM – Djokovic plays simply superhuman defense, and ends up forcing Haas’ error. He has Match Point on Haas’ serve at 5-4. Huge SW up the T by Haas. Djokovic had guessed correctly, but just couldn’t get it back in play. Too much pace. Deuce #1. Djokovic then has a BH DTL lined up for a winner, leans in on it…and misses it long. Bad UFE. GP, Haas. Djokovic then tries to go for a FH DTL winner on the run…and misses. Haas has held.

8:37 PM – Djokovic  and Haas have entered Tiebreak City. Here’s some play-by-play:

0-0: Ace up the T by Djokovic. Gets challenged…but it was WELL in. It didn’t even touch the lines.

1-0, Djokovic: A beautiful BH DTL by Haas forces Djokovic’s error.

1-1: Djokovic approaches to Haas’ BH…and draws the passing shot error. MINIBREAK.

2-1, Djokovic: Cheap FH UFE by Haas after a very fun point.

3-1, Djokovic: Haas approaches to Djokovic’s FH…and gets Roddick’d. MINIBREAK.

4-1, Djokovic: Simply awful FH UFE by Haas, off an extremely short floater by Djokovic. MINIBREAK.

5-1, Djokovic: “SW” out wide by Haas. Very makeable return.

5-2, Djokovic: A trademark BH DTL by Djokovic should’ve gone for a clean winner, but Haas hustled to get a racquet on it. Quadruple Match Point for Djokovic.

6-2, Djokovic: BH DTL UFE by Djokovic. MINIBREAK.

(Out on Court 1, Tomas Berdych is 2 points away from the match. Actually, he has double MP).

6-3, Djokovic: A simply atrocious BH dropper by Djokovic is easily punished by Haas.

6-4, Djokovic: A monster I-O FH seals it for Djokovic, and a monster CC FH seals it for Berdych on Court 1. Literally within two or three seconds of each other, they book their ticket to meet on Wednesday.

And so ends Manic Monday. Honestly, I’d rather have all this tennis spaced out over 2 days. I enjoyed watching the last two matches at the same time, but I really didn’t have much fun trying to keep track of 5 or 6 courts earlier on. And some of those matches were high quality…only very few actually paid attention to them.

Regardless, thanks for following along!

Juan José loves a well struck backhand down the line, statistics that tell a story, a nice lob winner, and competent returns of serve.

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  1. coolede
    coolede July 1, 2013 at 8:51 am |

    There’s a very good chance that Mannarino, who is ranked 111th in the world, will reach his first ever quarterfinal.

    Does anyone know when was the last time a player outside the Top 100 reached a Slam QF in men’s singles?

    1. Ms Curious
      Ms Curious July 1, 2013 at 12:35 pm |

      Not sure if it is the last time but Tomic reached Wimbledon QF 2 years ago ranked outside of the top 100.

      Great work so far JJ – keep it up!

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