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  1. mikel
    mikel November 25, 2012 at 10:54 pm |

    Interesting idea. I think the NFL Red Zone works because there are millions of fantasy football fanatics who want to see if “their” players are going to earn them points. Personally, I enjoy the drama of a full match and already get annoyed when we’re switched to a match that’s just about to complete, rather than allowing us to watch one full match in its entirety. Still, I see how others might like to see crucial points in several matches and so would be in favor of a “Red Zone” channel for tennis.

  2. Josh
    Josh November 26, 2012 at 11:52 am |

    Great read! Love the articles you guys are producing at The Changeover! The problem with ESPN’s tennis coverage largely stems from the country as a whole. In the hierarchy of sports in the United States, tennis is unfortunately towards the bottom. For this reason, when ESPN broadcasts the Grand Slams, it needs the game’s superstars to drive its ratings and keep viewers interested. More tennis-savvy nations like the majority of those in Europe would be more inclined to show a fifth set between let’s say Gasquet and Haas, rather than a snoozer featuring Fed or Serena. Not here. The USTA has the same $$$-driven mentality for their U.S. Open night sessions.

    With that said, I’d flip over a RedZone channel for tennis, especially during the first week of the Slams. You’d probably need to pry me off the couch at some point but I guess there are worse problems 🙂

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