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  1. mylardiim
    mylardiim September 3, 2013 at 6:15 am |

    “I thought at Wimbledon Stakhovsky played the best match of his life. The Ukrainian was simply impeccable, except for some slight hiccups when serving for the first set (and eventually losing it). I thought Federer was outplayed on Centre Court, particularly in the big points, which ended up going Stakhovsky’s way via some determined, fearless tennis.”

    Would you just give it a rest?

    It wasnt Stakhovsky playing God like tennis, outplaying Federer. It was Federer being late to every return, sloppy footwork, and basically his whole game screamed “back injury”. Melzer dismissed Stakho because as he said- he was actually returning his serve. As time goes on the proof is getting overwhelming- Fed’s been losing to basically everybody- Brands, Delbonis,Robredo, players he would never lose to before.

    Yes, Stakhovsky looked good. Played some wonder shots. But he looked good, because Federer didnt disrupt his game. So stop with the “king for a day” narrative, no one believes it after so many bad losses.

  2. toot
    toot September 3, 2013 at 8:00 am |

    I so sick of the hype surrounding Fed. He lost. Big whoop. The guy has played very badly for months and months and he did again tonight. Against someone playing reasonably well, Fed is lucky if he can play a set and a half decently. That’s been enough to get him some wins but not very many and tonight was no different.

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