Searching for … The Changeover? A Very Scary Audit … and New Hot Assets

Welcome to another installment of your bi-weekly look into what people type in that pesky Google box and somehow arrive to our site. If you missed any of the previous episodes of this series, you can find them all here.

As always, these are actual terms that people typed when searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Somehow, they were led to our site. What you will see here are screencaps of the search term page on Google Analytics. Don’t you like how transparent we are?

Without further ado, let’s see what people have been up to in these past two weeks:

Existential Questions


I’m guessing this anonymous Googler is asking about Vania King. And since Vania King is not the Unabomber, I can assure you that yes, she’s been talking to other people. Vania even talked to Lindsay in Charleston!


Easiest answer ever: zero. Why? Because Djokovic didn’t go to Barcelona this year. Or any year that wasn’t 2006. And that time, Djokovic lost in the first round. To Daniel Gimeno-Traver (who was ranked over 100 spots lower than Djokovic at the time).

So, one can confidently say, Novak Djokovic has never won a round in Barcelona.


If you had asked me after Dubai, I would’ve said “Yes!” If you had asked after Indian Wells, I would’ve said “Maybe.” If you had asked after Miami, I would’ve made a disgruntled noise and changed the subject.

But if you had asked me after the Monte Carlo final ended, I would’ve been all the way back to “Yes!” So there you go.


This is not the first time this search term pops up. The question can only be one:



I love it when people use Google as a sort of electronic fortune teller. I’d say if you’re playing poorly and don’t know what to do, go out and keep working on your game. Focus on feeling good with your shots. Eventually, the wins will come.

On second thought, is that you, Fernando Verdasco?


I … don’t know what to say to this one.


Apparently, this is a “Man on Wire” quote. Why do I know that? Because I Googled “something magnificent and mysterious.” In case you don’t know, “Man on Wire” is a documentary about a dude who walks on wires that hang high above the ground.

What’s the relationship of that movie with The Changeover?

I have no idea.


What Rafael Nadal is to Juan Mónaco. What Stan Wawrinka is to Benoit Paire. What Sorana Cirstea is to Ana Ivanovic. What Gaël Monfils is … to everybody.


Plenty of people! Some might’ve jumped off the bandwagon after his string of heartbreaking losses this year, but I’m sure that was more out of self-preservation than anything.

Surely Almagro’s family still likes him, yes?


Well, when you win 11 Grand Slams, 43803085 Masters Series, reach No. 1 in the World, are part of the most publicized rivalry in tennis, among many other things, you tend to become famous.

Just saying.


My guess is, if you’re asking Google, the answer might be no. But hey, it’s a lot of fun being mediocre at tennis! I’m speaking from personal experience here!

A new Andy Murray body part people are obsessing about!


I have to say, this one might be my favorite. Any time you think a 6’4″ guy has short legs, you are my favorite Googler ever.

The Benoit Paire experience


Yep – and that was just last week.

When people think “Tomic,” they think…


Bernie’s hat will never die.

There are things that happen all the time…


And then there are things that happen very rarely. Like the search term above.

Who needs to spell properly?


Poor Verdasco. He needs to remember how to win matches, first.


*stands and claps enthusiastically*


The problem here is not so much spelling, as it is fixing that space bar, methinks.

I think I see a pattern here:




According to one of our readers, when a search term shows up with “” tag next to it, it means that someone came to our site, and used our handy search bar to look for something.

Hence, there can be only one explanation for the five search terms above: The Changeover is being Fed-audited by

*is scared*



Does Rafael Nadal have a brother who is an active member of the adult entertainment industry? Like an evil twin, only not evil, but kinky?

Do you know something I don’t?


I can only imagine somebody typing that on Google and unleashing a mean “MUHUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” evil laugh for about five solid minutes.

I don’t think you need more than one analysis for this, bro


It’s simple: the first serve is okay, and the second serve makes you wonder how Jarkko Nieminen has made $6.2 million dollars with such an obvious weakness in his game. A small miracle.

I’m not sure this is true …


But this is definitely true


He does, indeed. Given that Nadal played the entire tournament, all the way into the final.

Or … do you mean something more mysterious?

*insert enigmatic musical cue*

Speaking of Rafael Nadal…


All I could think of when I saw this sequence is this:

Going …

going …



I know the answer to this one!


Three titles in a venue that no longer holds an ATP tournament! Chennai!  He beat Andy Murray once! He plays Federer tough!  He wins ATP matches even though his return of serve is more appropriate for a top 75 player!

A classic


Not sure what the Googler was referring to, but that’s an epic search term. So, congratulations.

Did Twitter hid something from me in the past two weeks?


Did Stan pull an Amanda Bynes?



*is scared again*

They googled for Nadal’s, they googled for Murray’s …


I’ll borrow from Bill Simmons and say this:

Yep, these are our Googlers.

Juan José loves a well struck backhand down the line, statistics that tell a story, a nice lob winner, and competent returns of serve.

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  1. Jewell
    Jewell May 4, 2013 at 12:53 am |

    You dissed Rafa’s hair, it’ll be a Vamos Brigade audit next. 🙂

    I wonder if Ivan Nadal Naked (awesome book title, btw) is meant to include Rafa and Ljubicic? I can think of more fun pairings myself, but hey, it just shows there’s something for everyone. 🙂

  2. toot
    toot May 4, 2013 at 3:03 am |

    Raonic has beaten Andy Murray twice – on two different surfaces. 😉

  3. MattV
    MattV May 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm |

    The Ivan Nadal thing was somebody hearing Ivan Lendl wrong..but NAKED?!?!?! :O

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