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  1. JC
    JC March 30, 2013 at 5:19 pm |

    This is an excellent post. Really thorough analysis. I’ve often said to friends that Serena’s tennis is incredibly efficient. On one hand, you can tell because many of her matches end in about an hour. But also, the rallies just seemed so much shorter. Well, you have quantified that!

    One more interesting tidbit: Martina Navratilova said that Serena has played 50% of the number of matches that Navratilova played at the age of 31. 50 percent! Now if you also consider the efficiency that you explained clearly in your article, Serena has probably spent even less time on the court than other players. No wonder she can still play well at 31. Fewer matches, and in those fewer matches, even less time on the court!

    Also, as a sidenote: I am curious, what is your source for these tennis stats? I’ve never been able to find a good source for those.

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