Things I Saw Gaël Monfils Do Today in Doubles

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It’s time to check in with the male half of G.E.M.S. who pleasing fans (and surely, the tournament director) by adding a side of doubles to his current efforts in Indian Wells. Watching Gaël Monfils play always means there will be highlights…and lowlights. And, in the relatively low stakes of the doubles — with Adrian Mannarino — at this event — there are plenty of both to go around. Here’s an unscientific list of things I’ve seen in no particular order.

  • Two leaping lobs off of smashes that had Monfils up against the backstop — the second lob hit the net and trickled over for a winner, amusing everyone, even the chair umpire.
  • Barely reaching to do a between the legs half-volley that just rolled into the net.
  • Playing I formation and simply staying up front, in the middle, while Mannarino kind of stood behind him (this was not successful).
  • A lot of laughs with Mannarino
  • A lot of good backhands
  • Some not so good backhands
  • A halfhearted challenge that actually was a close call
  • More laughs with Mannarino
  • Team spirit
  • Tennis Channel break: Federer Interview mentions that Gaël asked Fed to pump up the G.E.M.S. instagram with a photobomb
  • This:
  • La Monf can use my phone anytime!
  • P.S.: They didn’t win.
  • P.P.S.: They didn’t care.
  • P.P.P.S.: Neither did anyone else.