Things We Learned on Day Eight of the 2014 Australian Open


1. I wouldn’t read that much into the implications it will have for Roger Federer’s next match against Andy Murray, but his win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was one of the most comprehensive performances I’ve seen him give since returning to No. 1 in 2012.

He won 88% of first serve points, 69% of second serve points, and only allowed Tsonga one break point, which he saved. He managed to win 38% of return points, and was 3/7 on break points. Tsonga wasn’t at his absolute best, but Federer made it nearly impossible for him to get into the match.

2. I’m going to be honest: I’m getting a little sick of over-hyped matches involving Sloane Stephens. Considering the fact that she’s 2-13 vs. top 10 opponents, and both her wins came over injured opponents, I think she needs to prove herself a lot more before she’ll be deserving of any hype against top tier opponents like Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams.

Her performance against Azarenka confirmed this; she was not even close to being in the match, and I’m not sure I’ve noticed much improvement in her game over the last year or so. Color me unconvinced.

3. This was a pretty amazing highlight in the Stephens-Azarenka match.


1. I didn’t think that Maria Sharapova would get very far in this tournament, so fourth round sounds about right. I hope that her hip injury isn’t too serious and that she’ll get back to playing top-notch tennis again. All credit to Cibulkova, though, who just keeps pounding along. I picked her to make the Top 10 last year … could I have just been a year early?

2. Azarenka’s match with Stephens was punchy but harmless, with Azarenka clearly proving why she was the better player. But it was her post-match interview with Stubbsy that I will never forget. I’m torn on these overly-personal on-court interviews that the Australian Open seems to be obsessed with. On one hand–OHMYGODNOWHATAREYOUDOING? But, on the other hand, we get Vika telling RedFoo that if he gives her an engagement ring, “It better be bigger than Caro’s.” So, you know, stalemate.

For great analysis of this match, which was mostly one-way traffic, head over to Juan José’s Live Analysis.

3. Poor Radwanska. She played some great tennis to cream an in-form Muguruza (who is going to be a real thing, people) but now she gets Vika in the quarterfinals. Considering she’s ranked No. 5, and both Sharapova and Serena are out, it’s definitely bad luck. Plus, I mean, what a terrible matchup for Aga.

But hey, anything can happen, right? RIGHT?? (Yeah, moving on…)

4. Grigor Dimitrov seems to be all grown up, you guys, and gosh is it nice to see. In past years we could call guys “busts” at 22, but now that’s when they’re just getting started. By keeping it together to make his first slam quarterfinal, Grigor has at least taken a first step, one that will hopefully be the first of many. I think that Roger Rasheed (and Maria Sharapova) have done wonders for him. He’s gotten the interview thing down too. Our Chrissie was charmed:


Q.  As your profile rises, people find out more about you, your breast reduction surgery was three or four years ago.  Does that play any part in your success?

SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, it was a long time ago, my breast reduction.  I am happy for that.  Now if I have to do again for tennis, I would do, yeah.  It was a good decision for me.

Q.  What about outside the tennis?


Q.  What about outside the tennis?

SIMONA HALEP:  Outside the tennis what?

Q.  You said you would do it again.

SIMONA HALEP:  I don’t want to say anything about this (laughter).

That’s it. I give up.

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  1. Henk
    Henk January 20, 2014 at 9:15 pm |

    that’s some top notch cringe in the halep interview

  2. marron
    marron January 20, 2014 at 11:51 pm |

    Jeebus. Unbelievable. What is this, the 60’s? On the set of Mad Men?

    (major eye roll)

  3. Max
    Max January 20, 2014 at 11:55 pm |

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned the USA Today’s article about friendships.
    For someone who has a daughter, Mike (or is it Bob) is one sexist dude. Unbelievable.

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