Time Moves Slowly in Swiss-German: A GIF Story

You can’t blame Rafael Nadal for feeling a bit impatient during the trophy ceremony at the Swiss Indoors in Basel. After all, given his record against Roger Federer and Federer’s inconsistent play all week, it seemed like Sunday could have been Rafa’s chance to show everyone he was back to his winning ways. He got close, but in the end, he ended up with the runner-up trophy, and some time to kill while Roger thanked everyone in Swiss-German. Let’s see what was on Rafa’s mind during Roger’s speech:

1. Does he have to wait this long when I win, which I usually do?


Ah, the old “did-I-drop-something-ooh-let-me-check-my-fancy-watch-move.” A classic. Stay strong Rafa, there’s still more speech to go.

2. Does my hair look ok? I want to look sharp for that pizza party.


Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful — and intent on staying that way.

3. Where is the nearest emergency exit anyway?


Safety first.

4. Less talking, more dancing, Rog.


Let’s get this party started! I’ve got my Sprockets dance moves ready.

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  1. rafaisthebest
    rafaisthebest November 4, 2015 at 12:19 am |

    Priceless! Are you sure you don’t have one of Rafa giving Rog an ever so discreet tap on the shoulder??

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