Tomas Berdych Knows His Matches Are Boring, Therefore He Tweets

After his lone victory at the Citi Open this year over Robby Ginepri, Tomas Berdych came to talk to the press corps. After a long conversation about crowd noise, court assignments, and hard courts, I decided to sneak in a question about the only thing that The Changeover readers really care about: his twitter persona.

He took the question very seriously, and I found it rather insightful, in a weird, Berdych-like way:

Me: You are very serious on the court and in press, but on twitter we get to see a different side of your personality–you interact with the fake Federer account, you talk about #flowerpower. Do you want people to see a different side of you?

Berdych: Well, the reason is simple. When you go on court, you need to compete and you need to do your best. You try to win, no matter what. Really, it’s hard to do any joke or anything on court. Probably there are players that can do it…but I’m a guy that can definitely not. I cannot think about anything else than… what I need to do on court.

When I see some of my matches I can see it’s quite boring to watch that. We are getting too professional–not too serious, but we are really like machines.

[Twitter’s] something that gives me another opportunity to bring something else to the people, to the crowd, and whoever follows it, just make them smile

Me: Do you enjoy it?

Berdych: Yeah, I do, it’s something that you can do basically any time. Whatever feeling you have you can just share with the fans. That’s nice. I like it.

Well, Tomas, we like it too.

To properly commemorate, here are some of my favorite tweets of his, just from the last month or so.

Never stop tweeting, Tomas.

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