Changeover Podcast Episode 16: John Isner and the Houston Chronicles

In this week’s Changeover Podcast the whole gang is finally back together as Brodie of Mind The Racket, Amy, Lindsay, and Juan José talk about John Isner’s excellent week, Robredo’s Casablanca triumph, and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Men’s Clay Court Championships in Houston. Be sure to listen to the end–you’ll never guess who we picked to win Monte-Carlo!

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  1. Tracy Collins
    Tracy Collins April 21, 2013 at 7:26 pm |

    Finally got to catch up to Episode 16, and loved the conversation about going to see live tennis, even at small events. Many years ago, I did press at a small event and the post-match with Jimmy Connors was at a picnic table. Great, engaging conversation. A couple of weeks later, I also did press at the Cincinnati event. Big press tent, national media, and a very unfriendly Jimmy even when he was playing well. It was just the more relaxed dynamic of a smaller event. More recently, I went to an ITF event where you literally were watching at courtside, at a great transitional moment for the WTA. I not only had that vantage point for Monica Puig, Christina McHale, Sloane Stephens, Varvara Lapchenko, but even sat and chatted with McHale’s mom during Christina’s match. Not only great fun (at $10 a ticket), but it gives you a much greater appreciation for the quality of pro tennis.

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