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  1. Melissa McDowell
    Melissa McDowell April 17, 2013 at 11:05 pm |

    Great article, Juan! I am very interested in players’ use of stats and video in their preparation, and I am always surprised to find top players who spend almost no time on either. I had expected that American players at least would make use of these tools–I mean, in the US, our major football and baseball teams know the stats on their own and their opponents’ performance backwards and forwards. Isner’s response, to me, is downright shocking.

    I’d be particularly interested to know situational stats–for instance, in a certain game situation, where is my opponent most likely to send his serve in the deuce court? Or, what’s his weakest play at the net? Shot, serve, game analyses seems to me to be of obvious value. But the players you talked to seem to think that everybody knows everyone’s game (I’ve read Rafa and Roger both saying this, too).

  2. Eric
    Eric April 18, 2013 at 4:24 pm |

    I think one of the reasons that tennis players have less interest in statistics than baseball teams is that they don’t have resource allocation opportunities that teams have. The Red Sox can evaluate all the center fielders available and decide which provides what they need, but it’s not like a tennis player can say “Isner’s serve is better than mine, I’m going to buy his”. I think the serve/return stats show some of this. The best trait to have for serving is height (Almagro and Roddick are the exceptions), but height leads to poor agility and foot speed, which are key to returning, so the guys at the top of one tend towards the bottom of the other. But they can’t change that, their bodies are what they are.

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