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  1. Fernando
    Fernando February 16, 2013 at 8:12 pm |

    Fernando says first, the Umpire states that she did not think the call was late, which would make the issue of whether Errani touched the ball with her racquet irrelevant.

    Then, when Errani complains that Azeranka should not be awarded the point, the umpire says she can’t remember if Errani touched the ball which, besides being irrelevant if the call was not late, is preposterous becasue the event happened a minute before. No doubt the umpire lost her focus on the match and was daydreaming.

    The umpire then exacerbated the entire situation by involving the players. She should have consulted with the lines person.

    The umpire’s reasoning was illogical; she lost focus on the match; and then she improperly involved the players. Luckily, this was not an important moment in the match. These are serious delinquencies at this level. The Umpire needs to be reviewed.

    I am Fernando @vivafernando

  2. Karen
    Karen February 16, 2013 at 10:49 pm |

    Firstly, Errani had no play on the ball. Even though she got her racquet on the ball, if the ball had even gone over the net, Azarenka was moving forward into the court for the no doubt soft reply and would have whacked it for a winner. Point, Azarenka.

    If the point had been replayed, what would have been the difference. Errani still would have lost the match. She stood no chance against Vika with that 30 miles behind the baseline retrieving game. She has no weapons with which to hurt Vika and the last time I checked, Vika was the queen of consistency on the WTA Tour right now.

    Lastly, even I who was watching the match forgot what had happened. Poor umpire was probably bored out of her skull with the owl hoots from one end of the court and the strangled gasp from the other end. The long meaningless rallies with no end in sight and just zoned out. It happens.

    It is like the MTO from Australia. At the end of the day neither player stood a dog’s chance in winning the match, so why complain about one point that would not change the results in any way.

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