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  1. Jewell
    Jewell January 23, 2013 at 3:37 am |

    NEIL. It couldn’t have been Laura Robson, who doesn’t have the same ability to defend as Sloane – and I think Serena can be rattled by great defence and an opponent who can hang with her from the baseline. Laura may have been able to return an injury-slowed serve, but could she have got the balls back and made Serena move the way Sloane did? (based on a brief view of some highlights…) I’m not convinced.

    (I’m so embarrassed to be British these days.)

    Where does this media narrative that Serena mentored Sloane come from? Is it because they are both black? It’s as pernicious as the trolls who suggest that Serena lost purely “to protect one of her own”.

    Gah, tennis. Please do better.

    1. Jewell
      Jewell January 23, 2013 at 1:39 pm |

      Gah, tennis. Jo. I guess you’re not listening to me.

      1. Brian H
        Brian H January 23, 2013 at 2:28 pm |

        Can I just say how much I admire Amy for her tireless (but sadly doomed) efforts to bring the British Tennis Journos back down to earth? 🙂

        The mentoring thing is SO obnoxious. Didn’t she specifically say at one point that the WS weren’t really all that influential for her? (Wasn’t her big inspiration actually, like, Clijsters or… ? Somebody.) But all these “journalists” heard about the poster thing and made silly assumptions just because they wanted to write the headline “Sloane Defeats Her Idol And Also They Are Both Black!!1!1!” so very badly.

  2. Karen
    Karen January 23, 2013 at 8:46 am |

    A friend of mine tweeted me this after Serena’s loss .. Oudin …

    I don’t think I need to say any more

  3. Master Ace
    Master Ace January 23, 2013 at 10:40 am |

    Stephens earned this win by using her athleticism to counterpunch and go for the occasional winners from the ground(that FH serving at 30-40 late in the 3rd set was gutsy). Also, when the chance came to close out the pt, she came to the net where she was 18 for 20. Stephens was able to asborb S Williams pace forcing her to hit one more shot. S Williams had 48 UFES for match. S Williams was compromised with back spasms which took away her major weapon(serve)

  4. Aube
    Aube January 23, 2013 at 8:40 pm |

    At the beginning of this tournament, when the picks were going on, I said here that whenever you pencil Serena to easily walk through the field,she falters…aie aie aie:(((

    This time around, it was clear when she fell on her first match that the crown was not hers,even if there was no aggravation of her injury by another back injury her movements were going to be exposed in the semi or final…

    Let’s see next time, when everyone says how she is no longer the real deal and such, how she reacts to that kind of press,I say I’ll love it!

    Go Serebaby,take care of the injuries and I know your brand of tennis will take care of the rest,as for Sloane more power to her,more greats in tennis would only be treats on our eyes,I’m for it!

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