Searching for … The Changeover? Irnis Golbis, Nedal, Jokuvis, The Highest Paid Player, and the World’s Most Handsome Man.

Welcome to another installment of your bi-weekly look into what people type in that pesky Google box and somehow arrive to our site. If you missed any of the previous episodes of this series, you can find them here.

As always, these are actual terms that people typed when searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Somehow, they were led to our site. What you will see here are screencaps of the search term page on Google Analytics. See how transparent we are?

Without further ado, let’s see what people have been up to in these past two weeks:

Existential Questions


I don’t think so. You be the judge:


I think it’s more accurate to say that he’s unintentionally goofy. See Example Number 1, and Example Number 2.


Just love this. Nothing like stream of consciousness googling. Speaking of Nicolás Almagro…


What has Almagro done to merit any fines? Serving for the match three times against Ferrer in Australia – and losing? Serving for the match against Tommy Haas last week at Indian Wells…and losing? Poor Almagro.


The rankings system is not mysterious at all. You just have to go here to see how Ferrer has done in the current season, and you can go here to see where all his current ranking points come from. Mystery solved!


Is that you, Ivan Ljubicic? Or maybe you, Christophe Rochus?

Spelling help is needed here.


I love how “del potro” is spelled correctly, but not Nadal or Stiller, both of whom are far more famous than Del Po. Of course, this is regarding the MSG exhibition, which Amy covered in person. You can read her liveblog here.


Ladies and gentlemen… Novak JOKUVIS!!!! I think that should be his official alias.


Best spelling catastrophe EVER. And I also think this should be Gulbis’ official alias.

And here I thought Federer was the highest paid tennis player in the world…


I honestly have no idea what could have possibly triggered that search term. How can a guy ranked currently at #99 in the world, who’s never won a M1000 or made a Slam final be the highest paid player in the world?

The Rafael Nadal Search Term Experience in Three Consecutive Search Terms:

usual nadal

Yep. All bases were covered.

The Roger Federer Indian Wells Search Term Experience:


Answer to the first one: Yes.

Answer to number two: Look at number one.

As for that last one…Pseudo Fed has you covered!

The Most Handsome Man in the World is a tennis player! And it is…


Someone should show this to Ferrer. I’d pay to see his reaction.

Who is sexy?


I think this lady agrees – she was really excited during the Wawrinka-Federer match at Indian Wells:


Actually, it might have been her doing the googling.

How many times do I have to tell you? The Changeover = NOT a porn site


Always high demand for this.


This is a new one!



The “I’ve got nothing” Section:


*opens mouth to say something, stops, closes mouth*



Dreaming is a good thing


When did this happen? Does Redfoo google his dreams?

janowicz grand slam

Hold your horses. First let’s see Janowicz win a 250. Baby steps.


HA! Funny one.

Is getting double bageled by Nieminen tennis’ Scarlet Letter?


Seems like it.


Fernando Verdasco almost became a correct answer to this question!

Juan José loves a well struck backhand down the line, statistics that tell a story, a nice lob winner, and competent returns of serve.

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  1. Karunya
    Karunya March 22, 2013 at 5:40 am |

    “indians are somehow similar to latinamericans”

    LOL! How in the world did that lead to this site?

  2. Shradha
    Shradha March 22, 2013 at 6:44 am |

    Redfoo porn…
    Oh my god, I think i threw up in my mouth…oh those memories of his harlem-shake-vika thing…Somebody is actually searching it…

  3. filip
    filip March 22, 2013 at 7:33 am |

    Funniest shit Ive read in a long time

  4. marron
    marron March 23, 2013 at 12:44 am |

    Well thank God you didn’t see ‘rafael nadal butt hair’


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